Aqua Breeze Fresh Air Evaporative Cooler AB135


  • No rust – marine grade aluminium frame.
  • 90 mm honey combed pads – ensure better efficiency and  effective cooling
  • Built in reservoir and water management system
  • Uses less water and no chance of water borne diseases
  • No maintenance required – replace pads every 4-5 years  to maintain  efficiency  (general clean recommended)
  • Pre-wetting cycle ensures cool fresh air – first time, every time
  • Hush Drive ensures quiet operation
  • 6 Models – 3 colours. A unit for every house.
  • Australian Made
  • Weather seal eliminates drafts and heat loss in winter when the unit is not in use.
  •  Two thirds cheaper to run than refrigerated system. Cool your house from 5 cents/hour


Controller Features

  • On / Off
  • Room Temp Display
  • Set Temp Display
  • On / Off Timer (hrs)
  • Step Up / Step Down
  • Fan only mode
  • Clear LCD display
  • 10 Speed fan control
  • Delayed Start


We have a comprehensive warranty for our products, and we endeavor to get your service within two business days from the date of registered service call.


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