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Eco Pacific is an Australian manufacturer that offers a range of gas ducted heaters and evaporative coolers that just do the job with no fuss. Our team at Eco Pacific will be able to help you quickly select what you need and calculate a fixed price that includes all the ducting, controller, and fittings that you need. Then, we will arrange for your new heating or cooling system to be fitted at a date and time of day that is convenient for you. We’ll help you choose the best ducted heating unit that suits your requirements and budget.

With Eco Pacific, there’s no unnecessary waiting around for installers to show up. We keep to our installation times, make sure everything is working just the way it should, and then clean up. No unnecessary waiting. No cleaning up after trades. It’s just an easy, no-mess, no-nonsense installation.

Furthermore, once Eco Pacific products are fitted, they save you money. They use less energy than existing alternatives; our products save you money and are better for the environment since they have a smaller carbon footprint.

To find out more about our high-quality heating, cooling, and ventilation products and get the best deals, call us at +61 3 9706 6228 or +61 3 9706 6089.

We got an Aqua Breeze cooler installed in our house four years ago.  We are very happy with it’s performance as it provides very efficient cooling even on hot summer days.  We first saw our neighbours’s house which prompted us to go for the Aqua Breeze.

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For more than 25 years, Eco Pacific has been designing and developing products that are pushing the boundaries of heating, cooling, and ventilation technology. Eco Pacific is a family owned and run company that aims to provide excellent indoor air quality, human comfort, and high customer satisfaction through our personalized service.

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