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Ever changing environmental and social conditions contribute to the innovation of new climate control technologies to provide effective air comfort in the living space. The local environment keeps changing due to changes taking place in local climates and the ecosystems in which we humans and other living species grow, sustain, and thrive. These natural changes, and changes taking place due to human industrial activities, affect our living conditions indoors and outdoors. They are challenged by the rise in temperature, dust, pollen, smoke, humidity, gas emissions, fumes, radiation, and different types of pathogens, allergens, and viruses. Thus, the creation of human comfort in the living space has become a major challenge.

We, at Eco Pacific, taking advantage of the successful experience of the last 35 years and the COVID-19 pandemic, realised that human comfort must be redefined. Like the masks on our faces to prevent the spread of viruses, every house and building must be fitted outdoors with a filter box through which fresh air can flow in to meet the needs of the entire building. The filter box must be located outside of the building on a wall or under the eave so that the user can easily clean or replace the filter. This is the new approach Eco Pacific is taking to provide healthy, comfortable air to the indoor environments of our customers.

Keeping this holistic view in mind, we research, design, develop, and manufacture energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective air comfort solutions for ever changing climatic and weather conditions.The fresh filtered air heat recovery ventilation is now a part of our core business, which distinguishes Eco Pacific from other manufacturers and suppliers. Eco Pacific is the pioneer in this field and is committed to helping its customers achieve optimal air comfort levels for their individual needs.

Eco Pacific will continue its mission to innovate new technologies for the comfort, benefit, and satisfaction of its customers while contributing to the sustainability of society and the environment.

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Grants/Awards & Exhibition

The following grants are awarded to Eco Pacific ;

Commercialisation Australia (CA)

Commercialisation Australia (CA), Federal Government grant award, year 2011, based on national merit of the product innovation of the Super Star- the most compact high efficiency single gas rate ducted heater range.

Commercialisation Australia (CA)

Commercialisation Australia (CA), Federal Government grant award, year 2013, for the early stage commercialisation of the Super Star heater technology - the most compact high efficiency single gas rate ducted heater range.

Entrepreneurial Commercialisation (EC)

Entrepreneurial Commercialisation (EC), Federal Government grant award, year 2015, based on the National merit for the product innovation of the AussiVent range of Fresh Filtered Air Heat Recovery Ventilator (FAHRV).

Victorian Government

Victorian Government Climate Change grant award, year 2017, in collaboration with RMIT University, Melbourne for market validation of the AussiVent range of FAHRV in Aged Care Centres and Primary Schools to investigate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

International Exhibitions ;

ARBS Internaltional Exhibition Melbourne

Exhibited the products three times in ARBS international Exhibition in Melbourne Convention Centre in 2014, 2015, and 2017

India International Trade Fair (IITF)

Exhibited the AussiVent FAHRV in India International Trade Fair (IITF), 2016 for 14 days.

Collaborative R&D

Eco Pacific, in collaboration with RMIT University Melbourne, has conducted investigations on indoor air quality (IAQ), including pathogens, pre-and post-installation of AussiVent fresh filtered air heat recovery ventilators in five aged care centres and five primary schools in Victoria. As a result, the AussiVent was found to have enhanced the indoor air quality by reducing the concentrations of CO2, PM2.5, mould, and bacteria to levels compliant with the relevant standards.

Eco Pacific is open to any joint research, development, and investigation work of common interest with universities and industrial partners in Australia and overseas.

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For more than 25 years, Eco Pacific has been designing and developing products that are pushing the boundaries of heating, cooling, and ventilation technology. Eco Pacific is a family owned and run company that aims to provide excellent indoor air quality, human comfort, and high customer satisfaction through our personalized service.

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