Melbourne climate is very cold in winter and hot in summer. Gas ducted heating offers an effective solution to swiftly warm the living space of residential and commercial buildings in Victoria unlike the heat pumps. That is the reason gas ducted heating in Melbourne region of Victoria state of Australia has become very popular. Since the pipeline natural gas is abundantly available in Victoria, Gas Ducted Heating is found as a preferred way to heat the houses and many commercial and semi-commercial buildings such as clinics, aged-care centers, restaurants, childcare centres, clubs, caffes, and many other public facilities.  Time has changed and given the rising energy prices now most people want to use high efficiency gas ducted heaters. Heating Victorian houses through high efficiency gas ducted heaters is a priority of the governmental institutions also. As the emphasis rises on reduction of energy consumption and environmental greenhouse emission the use of high efficiency Gas ducted heating in Melbourne will also expand. Post pandemic there can be seen a significant rise in power prices far lower than the rise in the gas prices, which suggests the gas heating will potentially be a preferred way to heating the houses.   

Ducted Gas Heaters

Eco Pacific Super Star heaters come in the most compact, low-profile cabinets suitable for internal and external installations. The heaters use high-quality stainless-steel tubes for high endurance to make a uniquely designed counterflow high-efficiency heat exchanger, which is shown below.

Eco Pacific offers affordable Ducted Gas Heating supply, installation and repair with fresh filtered air in Melbourne & Victoria.


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12.5 Kw Internal Model with separable fan box


12.5 Kw External

(Available Only on Demand)

16.5 Kw internal model with separable fan box


16.5 Kw External Model with Flue Cowl


20 kw internal model with 4-inch flue spigot


20 kw external model with Flue Cowl


26.5 Kw internal cabinets with 4-inch flue spigot


26.5 kw external cabinets with flue cowl


31.5 KW Internal Cabinets with 4-Inch Spigot


31.5 KW External Cabinets with Flue Cowl


Wi-Fi Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat


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