16.5 Kw Internal 4 inch round Spigot for flue connection, and separable Fan Box


The new technology Super Star, SS series high efficiency heaters in standard single gas rate come with the following features-

  • High Efficiency with star rating of 4.6 to 4.8 star in standard single gas rate- no trick
  • 16.5 Kw internal
  • Lowest profile of 450 mm, easy fit in the narrow roof and underfloor spaces
  • Most models can be taken through the manhole with separate fan box
  • Over-Heat Protection- constant monitoring of temperature ensures full safety
  • Service from the front panel, no need to open the lid, minimum top clearance
  • Single stage with Electronic ignition, no more gas wasting standing pilots
  • Fast heat response with high efficiency all the time leads to cost savings on bills
  • Easy to carry handles for easy handling, transport, and installation anywhere
  • Compatible to add on refrigerative cooling
  • Fan box can be separated for internal installation, easy mate and lock plugs
  • Non-Condensing – no drain discharge needed
  • Service calls attended within 48 hours
  • 5-year operational warranty in Melbourne metro subject to conditions
  • Stainless Steel heat exchanger comes with 10-year warranty
  • Compatible to AussiVent- Fresh filtered air heat recovery ventilators
  • Supply and return air panels can be swapped over from left to right side
  • Compatible to zoning the house for cost savings
  • Use any 24 V thermostat control to run the heater range

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